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Huntington Beach Pier: the second North America qualifying event for the Bodysurfing World Tour

Under warm blue skies with glassy 2'-4' waves prevailing, USA Bodysurfing hosted the second Bodysurfing World Tour (BWT) qualifying event for North America on Sunday, November 12th at the world famous Huntington Beach Pier in Southern California. Over 50 of the USA's best bodysurfers competed in the second of three Bodysurfing World Tour qualifying events held in North America this year. Successful competitors at Huntington Beach gained important points to qualify for the first ever BWT Final to be held in 2024 in Hawaii.

The third and final BWT qualifying event for North America is just a week away in Ventura, California on November 25. The top two scores of the three QS contests will determine the final BWT rankings for North America.

The men's division at Huntington Beach was stacked with 40-plus competitors, including all 10 of the top-ranked bodysurfers from the 2022 USA Bodysurfing Tour as well as a slew of other fierce competitors and watermen, some of whom have recently joined the competitive bodysurfing arena with the raised stakes of qualifying for the inaugural BWT championships on the line.

San Clemente bodysurfer, Bryan Knowles, made the finals heat for the first time in a USA bodysurfing event and took home the gold with a commanding lead over his competitors. Ed Sweeny came in 2nd with a consistent showing in the first two events, placing 2nd in both. Ian Moore also made the final four at both events and came in 4th on November 12 at Huntington Beach. David Curry from Manhattan Beach caught some great waves and finished in 3rd place after a rough start to the season at the T-Street contest in San Clemente.

Ed Sweeny's two 2nd place finishes currently have him ranked 1st in the BWT QS standings. Bryan Knowles, and Greg Wilkinson (who won the San Clemente, T-Street event) are tied for 2nd, with Ian Moore closely behind in 3rd. After that there are a number of great competitors who all have a shot of making the top eight.

The Women's Final was a close match with less than 1.5 points separating 1st place from 4th. Sixteen-year-old rookie and Wedge charger, Michelle Ukrov, came out victorious with a .26 lead over veteran Scotti Shafer who finished 2nd. Katy Collins, hailing from Santa Cruz, came in 3rd, and Meredith Rose from Del Mar finished closely behind in 4th. After this event all four finalists at Huntington Beach are ranked among the top five for women, along with Miko Baron who won the San Clemente, T-Street qualifying event earlier this year in April. And, closely behind them sit veterans Calla Allison and Sunny Rickard. All these ladies charge and plan to be in Ventura, CA next weekend to fight for the four female qualifying spots in the Bodysurfing World Tour Championships.

Bodysurfing World Tour Qualyfing System event ranking


1. Bryan Knowles (USA) 1000

2. Edward Sweeney (USA) 860

3. David Curry (USA) 730

4. Ian Moore (USA) 670

5. John Black (USA) 610

5. Mark Drewelow (USA) 610

7. Frank Musso (USA) 555

7. Tony Sholl (USA) 555

9. Greg Wilkinson (USA) 500

9. Thorsten Hegberg (USA) 500

9. George Burtless (USA) 500

9. Greg Hurst (USA) 500

13. Lee Mench (USA) 450

13. Thomas Gomes (USA) 450

13. Justin Bailey (USA) 450

13. Jamie Schnick (USA) 450

17. Steve Gleason (USA) 400

17. Casper Hendrickson (USA) 400

17. Adam Aldridge (USA) 400

17. John Cayot (USA) 400

17. Paul Byrne (USA) 400

17. Michael Ferris (USA) 400

17. Wyatt Tillotson (USA) 400

25. David Armenta (USA) 360

25. Wyatt Joyce (USA) 360

25. John Dorsey (USA) 360

25. Bat Gustavus Riley (USA) 360

25. Andrew Jewell (USA) 360

25. Nigel Butler (USA) 360


1. Michelle Urkov (USA) 1000

2. Scotti Shafer (USA) 860

3. Katy Collins (USA) 730

4. Meredith Rose (USA) 670

5. Miko Baron (USA) 610

5. Malia Hanss (USA) 610

7. Calla Allison (USA) 555

7. Liz Hunter (USA) 555

9. Sunceray Rickard (USA) 500

9. Joanne Zachau (USA) 500

9. Grace Brossa (USA) 500

9. Leinani Mench (USA) 500

13. Nancy North (USA) 450

13. Dana Gilchrist (USA) 450

13. Angely Vallarta (USA) 450

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