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The best bodysurfers in the Europe/Africa zone have met in France for the first EBT stage

It is in Anglet that the best bodysurfers in the Europe/Africa zone from France, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Italy and Portugal have met once again for almost 10 years on the beautiful promenade of the Chambre d’Amour for Euro Bodysurf France.

This is the first stage of the European Bodysurf Tour, the next stage being set to take place in Morocco on the famous Charatan wave, a perfect wave for the discipline.

This year, the best Europeans will qualify in the Europe Africa zone for the IBSA Bodysurfing WT finals in Hawaii.

Perfect conditions on Saturday on the plage de la Piscine, the sun was there as were the waves allowing the competitors to fully express themselves.

The series are contested for the Open event of this first BWT QS in history in Europe after the events which have already taken place in Australia, California and Mexico.

No finals on Saturday, a tide much too high for this spot which works very well at mid-tide even if our semi-finalists gave us a very nice show.

On Sunday, the competition began with the two finals Open and Ondine which could not finish on Saturday evening with too high a level of water.

At dawn the tide was still a little too high, so we waited for the first sets to come in in order to start the first final with the Ondines around 8:30 a.m.

The conditions improved significantly throughout the day, like the day before the competitors were able to fully express themselves and put on a great show!

In the Open IBSA QS, Alix quickly took the lead in the final with a wave lit by the dawning day.

Paul then responds by chaining several waves until the sand reappears little by little.

Alix will take the set wave to break away. Behind, Matias and Nathan gradually caught up in the last minutes and positioned themselves on the podium, Paul not having found a wave to wear down his priority and fight for victory.

Bodysurf Open

1. Alix Schorsch 15.4 pts

2. Matias Hegoas 12.37 pts

3. Nathan Lehoux 11.87 pts

4. Paul Grieumard 11.6 pts

A special mention for our Ondines of all categories who came here in large numbers, we hope to see women's bodysurfing continue to develop like this, well done girls for the show this weekend.

In Open IBSA QS, the girls were able to express all their qualities in the downhill waves. Uhaina quickly won and Léa, Nina and Elodie looked for waves with high potential to respond. In vain.

Bodysurf Ondine

1. Uhaina-Kailani Hegoas 12.2 pts

2. Léa Novion 9.67 pts

3. Nina-Anais Lamotte 8.24 pts

4. Elodie Meyer 5.87 pts

Other Categories

It was a great meeting this weekend with the best European bodysurfers, a big thank you to everyone for your performances, good humor and your help.

Thank you to the judges, the Bodysurf Commission, the members of the Euro Bodysurf Association community and all the people who contributed to making this stage a success.

Well done to everyone, and especially to the foreign competitors who came to share the waves of the Basque Country.

We thank our partners present this weekend and those who support us from afar.

Congratulations again to everyone for your performances!

Photos: Antoine Darde / @antoine_surfshoot


1. Alix Schorsch (France) 1000

2. Matias Hegoas (France) 860

3. Nathan Lehoux (France) 730

4. Paul Grieumard (France) 670

5. Charles Valet (France) 610

5. Lionel Solari (France) 610

7. Luc Escaich (France) 550

7. Pako Junca Ituriaga (France) 550

9. Kevin Groisy (France) 500

9. Ruben Cambas (France) 500

9. Iban Florentin (France) 500

9. Tangi Cavenet (France) 500

13. Noa Benigen (France) 450

13. Thomas Arrow (United Kingdom) 450

13. Nicolas Brodeur (France) 450

13. Matthieu Dorand (France) 450

17. Patrice Grieumard (France) 400

17. Guilaume Martin (France) 400

17. Chouaib Boudhim (Morocco) 400

17. Imad Bourogui (Morocco) 400

17. Nicolas Ducamp (France) 400

17. Michele Florio (Italy) 400

17. Charles Gouaud (France) 400

17. Paul Heguy (France) 400

25. Julian Fabre (France) 350

25. Najib Nmila (Morocco) 350

25. Oliver Ross MacDonald (United Kingdom) 350

25. Nazzareno Picchianti (Italy) 350

25. Danny Teare (United Kingdom) 350

25. Lucas Harang (France) 350

25. Stefano Ghibellini (Italy) 350

25. Joao Moço (Portugal) 350

33. Mohammed Benkarroum (Morocco) 300

33. Joao Brogueira (Portugal) 300

33. Dominique Artola (France) 300

33. Gabi Courtejaire Claverie (France) 300

33. Michel Guedes (Portugal) 300

33. Philippe Quintal (France) 300

33. Nicholas Flint (United Kingdom) 300

33. Iliass Kanouni (Morocco) 300


1. Uhaïna Hegoas (France) 1000

2. Lea Novion (France) 860

3. Nina Anais Lamotte (France) 730

4. Èlodie Meyer (France) 670

5. Diane Mondin (France) 610

5. Federica Ghibellini (Italy) 610

7. Sakina Bargach (Morocco) 555

7. Lucy Hutley (United Kingdom) 555

9. Ibtissam Benjedira (Morocco) 500

9. Eleonore Diot (France) 500

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