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The Formation of the International BodySurfing Association – IBSA.

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Press Release

On August 19, 2018, in Oceanside, California, six representatives of bodysurfing from their respective regions across the globe, signed a constitution forming the IBSA.

The constitution and also a universal judging criteria has been championed from the inception by France’s Patrice Grieumard, who is the President of the Bodysurfing Commission part of the French Federation of Surfing – FFS.

The six representatives were Patrice himself representing France and also the European Bodysurfing Association, Vince Askey and Steve Watts representing USA, Sean Enoka representing the Hawaiian Islands, Sakina Bargach representing Morocco (by previous correspondence) and Don McCredie representing Australia.

More representatives are expected to sign the IBSA Constitution for their respective countries or territories but this initial meeting has solidified the association of cross-continental and global bodysurfing. The focus of this organization it to: standardize judging criteria, create a main body for all bodysurfing events and contests, ensure that all groups can receive assistance and direction for insurance requirements and association registrations from a singular body and mainly to promote and represent the sport at higher levels.

The IBSA is a nonprofit association which will seek funding from individual governments by the way of grant applications and corporate sponsorship. The four founding members have a long history of bodysurfing contest organization, local club/event management and share a common passion for the sport and art known as bodysurfing. They are interested in seeing it progress forward, never backward. The founders hope to see to it that the youth are always exposed to bodysurfing as fun, healthy and inexpensive.

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